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Professional hardware stamping, CNC machiningFocus on aluminum shell, aluminum alloy shell, aluminum profile shell processing
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Fusheng products are widely used in various industries
Instrument and meter aluminum housing
OPS computer case
Mobile power supply aluminum housing
Vehicle controller housing
Industrial controlled aluminum housing
Media player case
Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Products Co., LTDIs a focus on aluminum shell, aluminum alloy shell, aluminum profile shell processing enterprises

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Fusheng hardware is an expert in aluminum profile shell around you
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Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Products Co., LTDDongGuan Fu Sheng Hardware Products co., LTD

  Dongguan Fu Sheng hardware products Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in metal stamping processing,Aluminium shell,Aluminium alloy casing,Mould design and manufacture of aluminum shell and other hardware products,Product categories include power supply housing,Car shell,Industrial control shell,Film and television audio shell,MINI computer shell and other aluminum shell,Structural parts and appearance parts of various electronic products,The built-in thing,Spare parts,OPS shell,The power supply enclosure,Microcomputer case,Thin client shell,Media player case,Hardware accessories shell and other hardware stamping processing and CNC machining services。

  The company has passed iso9001:2015 system certification, and has a number of professional mold designers, product engineers, quality management personnel, and excellent sales team。At the same time have professional production equipment: Taiwan brand pneumatic punch,Domestic pneumatic punch press,High precision CNC machining center,Semi-automatic sawing machine,CNC milling machine,Fully automatic tapping machine,Manual tapping machine, manual drilling machine, drying line 1,包装流水线1条;检测设备:高度规检测、二次元检测等、盐雾测试仪及恒温老化测试设备等高精设备。

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